Quote of the Day

“(What) is especially ominous for the future of journalism is that some advertising has shifted not from traditional news media to their satellite news websites, but has leapfrogged instead to other parts of the Web which have nothing to do with journalism. In particular, local newspaper classified advertising has been partly redirected to advertising-only websites, like craigslist and net.lettings.co.uk. Advertising, in other words, is beginning to be decoupled from news production: the total subsidy for journalism, both online and offline, is declining.”

From: Curran, J. (2010). The Future of Journalism. Journalism Studies, 11(4), 464-476.



One response to “Quote of the Day

  1. maybe it’s time to rely on subscription or readership. How can newspapers and online media be too valuable to readers so that they can command higher price for a single paper circulated? just my thoughts… 🙂

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