Breaking news or breaking the newspaper?

This is the abstract of a paper I presented in a conference in Peru, my second conference presentation as a doctoral student.

In a survey of 110 newspaper and website reporters in the Philippines, this study found a manifestation of medium-based loyalties, consistent with previous studies that found differences between perceptions of journalists tied to different media: Newspaper reporters were more optimistic about the future of their own medium while website reporters rated their own medium more positively.

Though journalists get socialized into the practice of journalism, it is apparent that within the profession are several sub-groups. A sub-group could be based on medium. But in as much as medium-based loyalties have significant effects on media convergence, the shift to converged newsrooms is also likely to affect the conceptualization of medium-based loyalties: If converged newsrooms succeed in creating multi-media journalists, where will their loyalties lie?

Presented at the World Communication Association 2011 Conference in Lima, Peru.


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